When you sleep better, you live better. When you can relax in comfort, you can cope with the stresses of modern life more effectively. At Bucky, we make uniquely luxurious products to help you sleep, relax, relieve your body's aches and pains and travel more comfortably.

Our line of goods include sleeping pillows, travel pillows, travel accessories, heatable (and chillable) body and neck wraps as well as sleep masks. Our products are natural and eco-friendly and many are proudly made in the USA! Our pillows and wraps use natural, hypo-allergenic buckwheat and/or millet fill so they conform to your body's unique contours. And you can add or subtract fill from your Bucky pillow for the ultimate personal touch.

We live in a world of countless sources of stress and anxiety. At Bucky, we want to help you be your best, and meet the stresses and anxieties in your life head on. We pledge that our products will help you sleep, relax, and travel in more comfort than you thought was possible before you found your Bucky!

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