Jewelry Vendors


Baublerella is a woman-owned company that believes everyday products can be more than just that. We create glamorous, clean-crafted products that solve life’s little struggles for girls on-the-go.



Artist designed jewelry, t-shirts, accessories, and gifts!

Creative Brands

Santa Barbara Design Studio, Sips Drinkware, Michel & Co., Stephan Baby, Heartfelt Collection, Faithworks


Beautifully designed products with heartfelt messages.

Fanfare by Occasionally Made

Apparel, accessories, and tailgating essentials in your favorite team’s colors.

Frolick Jewelry

Designer line of handcrafted accessories that is vibrant and vintage inspired.


Hair ties, headbands, charmy rings, cute necklaces, funky earrings, and other cute accessories.

Luca + Danni

Our jewelry pieces, uniquely handcrafted, and all one of a kind.

Lucky Feather

Rich looking, imaginative, and inspirational jewelry.

Occasionally Made

Classic gifts with a trendy twist.

Santa Barbara Design Studio

Eclectic collection of lifestyle brands offers on-trend gifts available.

Scout Curated Wears

Thoughtful women’s accessories that are functional and beautifully presented.

Top It Off

Versatile, easy-to-wear accessories including wraps, scarves, tunics, bags, and jewelry.