Jewelry Vendors


Glamorous, clean-crafted products that solve life’s little struggles for girls on-the-go.


Our passion is designing fun women's accessories with an artist's touch.

Brouk and Co.

We create custom home and travel ware designed for the modern man. 

Cool and Interesting

Our mission is to provide you with the finest Cool and  Interesting products.



Beautifully designed products with heartfelt messages.


GeoCentral’s collections inspire awe and elevates the every day.


Hair ties, headbands, charmy rings, cute necklaces, funky earrings, and other cute accessories.

Little Words Project

Jewelry brand meant to inspire kindness amongst women of all ages.

Lizzy James

Handmade artisan jewelry and accessories.

Lucky Feather

Rich looking, imaginative, and inspirational jewelry.

Master Toys and Novelties

Creativity and innovation...

Santa Barbara Design Studio

Eclectic collection of lifestyle brands offers on-trend gifts available.

Scout Curated Wears

Thoughtful women’s accessories that are functional and beautifully presented.


Responsibly-crafted products inspired by different cultures from around the world.

Spartina 449

We are recognized for our upscale, designer handbags, apparel and accessories.

Top It Off

Versatile accessories including wraps, scarves, tunics, bags, and jewelry.

Violet & Brooks

We design and manufacture packaged jewelry and gifts with a modern vintage vibe.