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London-based Suck UK designs and produces accessories, gifts, and items for the home. And by “items” we mean ingenious, witty, and well-designed things that you may not necessarily need but nonetheless really, really want. Their award-winning designs—and they’ve received many awards—have garnered Suck UK international acclaim for their quirky and unique products.

Inventors of legendary gifts like the Scratch Map and Smartphone Projector, Luckies branded products are conceived and designed by us. Each step of the process – concept development, sourcing, prototype production, graphic development, packaging design, compliance, and photography – is carefully and creatively undertaken by our dedicated team, so you can give something genuinely original.

Our Ethics

Carbon offsetting is a foundation of our efforts, but we are continually striving to use recycled, recyclable and plastic-free materials in all of our products, as well as FSC-approved wood and paper, to reduce our overall impact.

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