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Mid-Atlantic Lifestyle Promotions

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Ongoing Special

January 1-December 31, 2022

Ongoing Special
  • Free shipping over $400

Available on the road.

Show/Road Promo

June 15-August 15, 2022

Show/Road Promo
  • 10% off orders including 2 or more brands 
Virtual Summer Show Special

August 8-August 12, 2022

Virtual Summer Show Special
  • Orders of $500 or more receive free freight

Must use promo code (FREESHIP) in order notes

Only valid on immediate ship orders. Cannot be combined with any other offers and cannot be applied to any previous orders.

Show/Road Special Summer 2022

June 1-August 30, 2022

Show/Road Special Summer 2022
  • 5% DISCOUNT on Orders $750 or more 

(Customers can combine Everyday, Christmas, Halloween, Valentine and Easter on the same order to meet the $750 threshold. We will split out the ship dates and apply a 5% discount to each shipment).

Ongoing Promo

July 26-December 31, 2022

Ongoing Promo
  • Pre-Pack Option 1 $180 (SKU: NRS-PACK2) 
    • Includes: 12 kits, FREE corrugated display, 1 retail unit FREE and FREE shipping 
  • Pre-Pack Option 2 $360 (SKU: NRS-PACK1) 
    • Includes:  24 kits, FREE Acrylic display, 2 retail units FREE and FREE shipping 

Enter SKU on order

Show/Road Special

June 27-August 20, 2022

Show/Road Special
  • Free shipping for orders of $400 or more
  • Free towel display ladder (with free shipping on ladder) for towel orders of 42 pieces.  

Customers can get one or both of these specials

Specials must be requested on the order!

Ongoing Promo

June 9-December 31, 2022

Ongoing Promo
  • FREE Freight on orders of $500 or more
Show Special

June 24-August 16, 2022

Show Special
  • All vegan leather Crossbody’s now $5 off
  • All Colors of Sailcloths Lips $5 off
  • All Hoodies $3 off
  • Maiya White /black Crossbody $3 off


The totes Listed below all $10 off:

  • ETIB0022 ice blue camo
  • MTZE0020 Zebra Emerald Green
  • MTBZ0010 Patent Black Zebra
  • MTBL0020 Invisible Black Leopard
  • MTTC0030 Cheetah Rose Gold
  • MTBP0039 Cheetah Magenta
  • MTSL0040 Snow Leopard
  • MTGS0070 Navy Camo Star
Show/Road Special

July 1-August 19, 2022

Show/Road Special
  • Orders of $500 or more receive half off freight
Ongoing Promo

July 26-December 31, 2022

Ongoing Promo
  • Body Bundle $275 (SKU: PABDYPACK)
  • Skincare Bundle $350 (SKU: SCPACK)

Enter SKU on order 

Show/Road Special

July 10-August 17, 2022

Show/Road Special
  • Freight is FREE on all continental US orders shipping from July 10th to August 31, 2022 (order minimum $300 and start ship by 7/10/22)
  • Orders exceeding $800 will receive a 5% discount and FREE freight
  • Orders exceeding $800 that include 1 case pack (3 pc) of the Jumbo Party Pack will receive a 10% discount and FREE freight

*Fixtures are not discounted, only product -- *Specials can be combined -- *Orders must be placed by 08/17/22 

* Freight special does not apply to fixtures. Fixture freight will be charged separately and at full price ($20 small spinner, $40 tall spinner). * AK and HI will ship at standard rates ($25) Specials do not apply to key accounts, international accounts or accounts where an ongoing discount or the equivalent already exists. Contact Carolyn with questions here.

Show Special

July 12-August 31, 2022

Show Special
  • Order $2,000 or more and get 12% Discount on select items listed below
  • Order $4,000 or more and get 16% Discount on select items listed below

Barnyard Bull Cooler - 991012

VW Beetle Aqua - E40364A

Football Beverage Tub Small - 991205

Football Beverage Tub Large - 991203

Barnyard Happy Hen Planter - CR1302

Pad Me Pond Frog Planter - CR1008

Barnyard Garden Robot - 991052

Butterfly Hanging Planter - Small - 17005S

Small Daisy Barnyard - 991080

Traveling Rabbit - CRV2000

Pinky the Flamingo (Head Up) - E11633

Percy the Flamingo (Head Down) - E11634

Barnyard Kimberley Dragonfly with Panel - 913215

Barnyard Kimberley Dragonfly with Panel - 913210

Barnyard Peacock Butterfly with Panel - 913200

Wall Hanging Flower Tub - MEV1001

Cubby House Birdfeeder - 916154

Twos Getaway Bird House - 916155

Bird Hideaway - E40461

Victoria Birdhouse - MEV3001

Must ship by 12/31/22 - Chosen items should be noted in your purchase orders -- Offer is applied while stock last.

Show Special

July 12-August 31, 2022

Show Special
  • 22% freight cap for orders $2,000 or above
  • 20% freight cap for orders $4,000 or above

Must ship by 12/31/22. Available on the road.

August Special - Sizzlin' Summer Sale

August 1-August 31, 2022

August Special - Sizzlin' Summer Sale
  • 20% off select items. Contact your local Sales Rep for more information.

Items are in stock and ready to ship!

Applies to road or agency web orders written 8/1/22 - 8/31/22.

Ongoing Promo

June 1-December 31, 2022

Ongoing Promo
  • FREE display rack with purchase of 24 towel designs (5 of each design)

Available on the road and for all divisions.