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Nicole Certo

Sales Manager, Northeast

(412) 445-5897, mobile
[email protected]

Nicole has worked in sales and sales management for over 25 years and she loves it. It all started as a young person when she studied Interior Design as her career of choice. Nicole quickly realized that she had entered into a sales field--she could create an amazing project but would ultimately have to ‘sell’ it to the home or business owner. Her career in sales continued, ultimately gaining experience in retail, B2B, corporate sales training, talent acquisition, and sales leadership.

Nicole is passionate about seeing her customer’s businesses flourish and helping to increase their revenue using a business partner mentality and a consultative approach.

Partnering with her direct reports to help them think bigger and coaching the talent she works with to achieve their personal goals is what motivates her. Hearing the success stories and the excitement in their voice from a successful day is what excites her as a leader.

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