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With almost two decades in sales, I can honestly say I’ve done it all! My experience ranges from retail sales, e-commerce, direct sales, and my absolute favorite of all, B2B. Growing positive relationships and collaborating with my customers to produce results is my ultimate goal! I’ve always been a “helper” and I can’t help but to help. With that being said, customer service is definitely in my blood. I’m the type of gal that is always encouraging and rooting for others and I genuinely enjoy watching them succeed. I love home decor and have a true passion for creating warm and inviting home spaces. Combine all of the above and I’m your Home Sales Ninja and your biggest cheerleader!

Lines Represented

Hand-poured candles.

Traditional and contemporary European products.

Ceramic designs for tabletop, dinnerware, serveware, and more.

We make light-hearted, lively party games. 

The ORIGINAL absorbent stone coaster. 

Reusable, light, bright, and beautiful to drink from.

Home accessories with an eye towards trends and utility.

Gourmet kitchen products with beautiful branding.

Classically designed fine paper goods and gifts.

Vibrant, cheerful, and refreshing home textiles.

An award-winning international tableware & home design house.

Hand-poured scented soy candles.

Hand-Poured Candles


Well-designed, stylish, and affordable accessories for the home.

Design-led, fun and stylish partyware, table trivia, and games for all occasions.

Remarkable hand-crafted sculptures, décor and furniture for homes, gardens, or as cherished gifts.

Vintage, Modern, Farmhouse, Industrial, and Chic