Cheryl Umbaugh

South Carolina / Eastern NC

(336) 978-5362, mobile
[email protected]

I have a degree in Interior Design. Working in the Design Industry, I was always attending Furniture Markets and Home Decor/Gift Markets. Eventually that led me in a few different directions. I have been a buyer and a sales representative. I have been fortunate enough to walk on both sides of the fence, which helps understanding both retail and wholesale side of the business.

Lines Represented

Traditional and contemporary European products.

Ceramic designs for tabletop, dinnerware, serveware, and more.

The ORIGINAL absorbent stone coaster. 

Reusable, light, bright, and beautiful to drink from.

Home accessories with an eye towards trends and utility.

Gourmet kitchen products with beautiful branding.

Made by artisan weavers of India using traditional weaving techniques.

Vibrant, cheerful, and refreshing home textiles.

We are proud to use reclaimed materials in our products.

Reclaimed - Repurposed - Reinvented - Globally

Well-designed, stylish, and affordable accessories for the home.

Design-led, fun and stylish partyware, table trivia, and games for all occasions.

Remarkable hand-crafted sculptures, décor and furniture for homes, gardens or as cherished gifts.


Vintage, Modern, Farmhouse, Industrial, and Chic